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For baggers of metric relative hills in Britain and the world

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British hills

To be relevant to the Relative Hills Society the listed hills need to meet the following critera:

Relevant lists

In Britain the hill lists that currently meet the relevant criteria are:

Marilyns: hills of Britain with a prominence of 150 metres

Humps: the hundred metre prominence hills of Britain

Tumps: the thirty and up metre prominence hills of Britain

Simms: the 30-metre prominence hills 600 metres or above high

Dodds: the 30-metre prominence hills between 500 and 599 metres high

Sibs: the 30-metre prominent and/or 30 hectare area islands

By far, the best way to find out what hills are included on each list is to visit the online version of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH).

The website is updated on a regular basis. Each hill has its own entry with a range of useful information. For example, just look how many people were on Leum Uilleim on 19 March 2016

If you register as a bagger on the website you can log your own hill-bags, saving a lot of time and effort record keeping and ensuring that you can keep up with the promotions, demotions and summit relocations as they happen. There are league tables and a personal webpage to follow your own overall progress with all the lists. It makes the task of working out the year-end totals for the various Halls of Fame quick enough to do between the New Year midnight chimes.