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For baggers of metric relative hills in Britain and the world

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Relative hills:

Clearly-defined hills with metric measurements for height, drop and height range.
No subjective or local lists, whatever their history.

Relative Matters

A magazine that include members' activities and adventures on relative hills in Britain and other countries.    This is free for RHSoc members, £5 for non-members.

Relevant lists

The British lists that currently meet the criteria for RHSoc are:

Marilyns: hills of Britain with a prominence of 150 metres

Humps: the hundred metre prominence hills of Britain

Tumps: the thirty and up metre prominence hills of Britain

Simms: the 30-metre prominence hills 600 metres or above high

Dodds: the 30-metre prominence hills between 500 and 599 metres high

Sibs: the 30-metre prominent and/or 30 hectare area islands

RHSoc membership

Open to anyone aged 18 and over who supports the objectives of the society.

For individual members, the annual fee will be £10 payable from 1 January each year. Anyone who pays before 1 January 2017 will be members until 31 December 2017.

Joint membership - for households with more than one person wishing to join - is £15.

Membership fees will be used for publishing and delivering the Relative Matters annual magazine, developing and hosting the RHSoc website, and other initiatives that promote the objectives of the society and its members.

Benefits of membership

Bag responsibly

Members will be expected to behave responsibly and lawfully. Each individual will be responsible for their own risk-assessment and welfare and behave in a manner that does not inconvenience or jeopardise the welfare of others.

RHSoc will not organise, lead, guide, or provide transport for members engaged in hill-bagging or related activities. However, individual members are encouraged to organise trips, and invite others to join them, for the purpose of relative hill bagging.

For further information see the Bagga Carta.

Contact us

For more information please contact